Straightening Kit, 15 ton (Portopower)

The straightening kit that combines safety with high capacity as well as need for use in both long and short extensions.

The kit is widely used in applications such as the fabrication and welding industry, heavy plate work, and for aligning frame structures.

  • Fast and easy fitting.
  • Press power of 15 tons available in any position.
  • Exceptional work safety.
  • Consists of one Simson Kompakt jack 1575B and extension tubes:
    • 1 pc 70 mm
    • 1 pc 140 mm
    • 1 pc 280 mm
    • 2 pcs 560 mm
    • 1 pc 96-167 mm
    • step less adjustable quick extension
  • Length range is 134-1985 mm.
  • Cylinder’s stroke of 75 mm in combination with the step less extension gives a working range of 146 mm.
  • Weight with box 45 kg.

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