Extractor Kit SA23

Simson disc extractor represents a new way of thinking and provides a perfect solution to problems in
many maintenance jobs.

  • Can be used in different jobs attached to, for example, conveyor drive gear boxes, couplings, pulleys, fan wheels, driving gears.
  • Press power of 23 tons available in any position.
  • The main idea is to place the pulling or pressing force as close as possible to the shaft resulting in less power needed.
  • Consists of:
    • 1 Simson Kompakt 2325HG
    • 2 extractor discs
    • 1 hardened spindle M24 & crank
    • 4 fixing bolts M 16x55
  • Weight with box 22 kg.

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Product list

 J21/22, J31/32J51/52, J71/72J71/72, J100J110, J125AT 31AT 51AT 101, AT 201AT 301AT 501
Disc AXX  XXX  
Disc B  XX   XX
Attaching bolt M6x30M8x35M10x45M12x50M5x40M6x40M8x40M8x40M10x50