Repairs & Service

Simson Power Tools AB performs repairs and reviews of hydraulic tools and jacks for all brands (high pressure tools, cylinders, hoses and pumps - 700 bar/10 000 Psi and above).


We offer a free of charge inspection of wrecked/damaged hydraulic tools and cylinders regardless of brand, for example Enerpac, Rehobot Hydraulics, SPX PowerTeam, Power Tools, Felco Jacks etc. You get an offer for repair, or an offer for a new one of the brand you wish.

This inspection includes:

  • ​​​​​​​Washing, dismantling and repair suggestion.
  • You get an offer for repair or for a new one if not repairable.
  • You decide to by a new one, repair or scrap.


All tools need, soon or later, some care! We offer review of your hydraulic tool, cylinder and pump in our workshop. It can be of importance before important tasks.
Review includes:
  • Washing
  • Load test, pressure test
  • Control sticker with year and month of review.

​​​​​​​For small tools we have a fix price while for bigger ones we take workshop time fee.