Simson Kompakt

Simson Kompakt is a hydraulic powerpack that combines a number of unique features, such as lightweight, user friendly design and high capacity.

Quality and reliability are two other characteristics that have made Simson a favorite tool among professionals worldwide.

More than 85 years of experience

Experts on high pressure hydraulics

We have many decades of experience built into our products, and in our service to you. When you need high pressure hydraulics of the highest quality - think Simson!

Repairs & Service

Simson Power Tools AB performs repairs and reviews of hydraulic tools and jacks for all brands (high pressure tools, cylinders, hoses and pumps - 700 bar/10 000 Psi and above).

We offer a free of charge inspection of wrecked/damaged hydraulic tools and cylinders regardless of brand.

Simson Straightening Kit

The straightening kit that combines safety with high capacity as well as need for use in both long and short extensions.

The kit is widely used in applications such as the fabrication and welding industry, heavy plate work, and for aligning frame structures.


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Simson Aluminium

Simson Aluminium is available in a wide range of different executions enabling the performance of every single industrial application such as lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, etc.

The cylinders are easy to handle and made of highest quality materials and a quality system guarantees the design, manufacturing, supply and after-sales service.

Special Tools

Moreover than jacks, many special tools has been developed in combination with Simson compact built-in hand pump.

The closed hydraulic system gives the possibility to use the tools submerged as well as user friendly compact designed and convenient tools.

Welcome to Simson Power Tools

​​​​​​​Simson Power Tools AB designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic power tools characterised by their high quality, security, flexibility and high performance since 1952. Simson Kompakt Jacks is our brilliant example that combines high capacity, reliability, quality, user friendly design and lightweight. With Allround and Aluminium series we can supply a wide range of premium high pressure hydraulic tools combined with fast and individual service.
The colour of our tools has become a symbol of quality and reliability among professionals. It has also become associated with the raw power and broad range of applications which is characteristics of all of Simson's jacks, tools and accessories.

Repairs & Service


We offer a free of charge inspection of wrecked/damaged hydraulic tools and cylinders regardless of brand. You get an offer for repair, or an offer for a new one of the brand you wish.


All tools need, soon or later, some care! We offer review of your hydraulic tool, cylinder and pump in our workshop. It can be of importance before important task.


Simson's unique range of high pressure hydraulics is available in a network of well-chosen retailers around the world.

We always want to be close to you in order to offer the best possible service, and facilitate your business when you need an expert on high pressure hydraulics.

Here you will find addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses to our distributors around the world.