Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We in Simson Power Tools are committed to achieve world class Environment Health and Safety (EHS) standards. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that we reach this goal by continually improving. We shall prevent work place accidents and pollution, promote employee health and well-being and reduce the environmental impact of what we do and our energy use.


  • prioritize to the health and safety of all employees,
  • consider applicable laws, regulations and other commitments as minimum requirements,
  • proactively assess health and safety risks, environmental and energy impacts and systematically define, document and implement improvement plans,
  • provide well designed and attractive work places and facilities,
  • utilise best practice EHS related technology and management to improve EHS performance,
  • develop and offer sustainable products which provide customer value,
  • require suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt the principles of this policy,
  • define objectives and targets and provide the resources, information, training and management attention needed to comply with this policy,
  • ensure that EHS performance and compliance to this policy is monitored, documented and communicated in a clear and transparent way,
  • ensure that EHS impacts are considered for all business decisions.

All Simson employees are expected to adopt and to act upon this Policy.

Mikael Olofsson, CEO