Simson Power Tools will shortly present new hydraulic pump series, with the same high quality you can always expect from Simson.

The new pumps come in a variety of designs and tank volumes, so you can be sure to find one for your particular application.

  • Single stage aluminum hydraulic hand pumps with 600 cm3 effective oil volume.
  • Two stage aluminum hydraulic hand pumps with 300, 1000, 2400 and 4100 cm3 effective oil volume.
  • Air-powered hydraulic pumps in aluminum with 1000 cm3 and 2500 cm3 of effective oil volume.

The new pumps offer a number of advantages over the previous product range, with unrivalled quality. Look out for our product release on the website!

Are you interested in buying one of our new new hydraulic pumps today? Please contact Simson and we’ll help you out!