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Weightlifter of Olympic calibre

The Simson Compact is a hydraulic powerpack that combines a number of unique properties. Low weight, compact dimensions and high capacity characterize all of our jacks. Quality and reliability are two further key attributes that have made the Simson widely known as an appliance at the pinnacle of Olympic calibre.
Simson bakficka1

Pocket-size 15-tonner

It weighs a mere 3.7 kg and is our smallest jack. But it can still lift a hefty 15 tonnes. So it is a hydraulic lightweight in the heavy class.

This also applies to the whole of our range of jacks. High capacity in a neat design and with a low weight. These qualities have made the Simson Compact an appliance that's widely appreciated by repair technicians and erectors around the world.

In Simson is Safety built-in

For safety reasons, every jack is equipped with a safety valve located on the pump side and set to trip at 825 bar.
Simson Kompakt is designed with a factor of safety of 3 against overloading, and a factor of safety of 4 against failure.
Simson Kompakt under vattenSimson Kompakt under vatten
Simson Kompakt under vatten

Much more than just a lifter

A closed hydraulic system is one of the most important Simson specialities. This enables the jack to perform perfectly in all positions. Not merely for lifting, but also for pushing or pulling in all directions. Upside down or sideways, if necessary.

The jack is also usable under water, which makes it highly appreciated for bridge building, in ports, and especially in the offshore industry, where quality demands are extremely strict.

The closed hydraulic system also protects the jack against corrosion, since the space above the piston is filled with oil when the piston is pressed down to the bottom of its stroke.

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Simson is built for the hard life

Meticulously selected materials are one of the secrets behind the exceptional reliability and dependability of the Simson. The piston, for example, is made of through-hardened ball bearing steel, and the cylinder is made out of high-strength steel. Moreover, the bottom of the cylinder is substantially oversized to improve its ability to withstand uneven loading. It also improves its resistance to high temperatures.

The Simson is covered as standard by a three-year guarantee against workmanship and materials defects on the piston and cylinder. This is clear evidence of the high-quality standard of the jack.

Elefantfot colcorr erikElefantfot colcorr erik
Elefantfot colcorr erik

Simson - a reliable fighter

The first Simson jack was produced in the mid-1950s. Many thousands of Simson jacks have since been manufactured, and many of them are still fully operational. Over the years, the Simson has naturally been improved on a number of scores, and is now a fully-fledged appliance.
Many eminent industrial companies are our customers and their erectors and repair technicians have praised the Simson for being a reliable accessory that simplifies their work.

Ask the technician who is about to climb a ladder to change a wheel of an overhead travelling crane...
Ask the welder who uses a Simson for lining up the plates he is about to weld...
Ask a service fitter who travels around the world and carries his personal tools with him...

The Simson Compact is a jack for professionals who make strict demands that the tools they use must be powerful and easy to handle.
​​​​​​​As an alternative to the Simson Kompakt, for which a separate pump must be used, we recommend the Simson Kombi which is made to the same high quality standards.
825bar 3y ASME CE