Simson Allround

Simson Allround is available in a wide range of different executions enabling the performance of every single industrial application such as lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, etc.
The cylinders are made of highest quality materials and a quality system according to ISO 9001 guarantees the design, manufacturing, supply and after-sales service. All cylinders are designed with a safety factor of 1.5 to accomplish with the European Standards CE.​​​​​​


  • High strength materials.
  • Hard chromed-plated plunger in most of our models for highest resistance.
  • Hardened saddles to prevent plunger from mushrooming.
  • Plunger wiper for reducing contamination allows longer life.
  • Wear rings for long service life and high absorption of transverse forces.
  • Male and female couplings 3/8”-18 NPT.
Allround Sid 8 kopia

700 bar

Single Acting Cylinders, Spring Return

5-220 ton

Double Acting Cylinders

10-550 ton

Plunger (Hollow) Cylinders,
Single Acting Spring Return or Double Acting

12-150 ton

Single Acting
​​​​​​​High Tonnage Cylinders,
Load Return

85-1100 ton

Double Acting
​​​​​​​High Tonnage Cylinders

85-1100 ton

Lock Nut Cylinders,
Load Return

30-1100 ton

Pancake Lock Nut Cylinders,
​​​​​​​Load Return

50-550 ton


700 bar

Low Height Cylinders, Load or Spring Return

4-150 ton

Allround Sid 22

Pull Cylinders

10-50 ton

Allround Sid 52

Cylinder Saddles