New CEO of Simson Power Tools AB

When REHOBOT AB acquired Simson Power Tools AB towards the end of 2018, the process of appointing a new CEO, with experience and expertise within both sales and production, began. With that background, we are happy and proud to announce Mikael Olofsson as the new CEO of Simson Power Tools AB.

Mikael has, during his past years as CEO, focused on new business, marketing activities and to further develop the organization according to modern production processes. These are all central processes within the Obadja industrial group, as we work actively with Lean Production. Mikael has a strong experience record in leadership and development, and in the past year his focus has been on creating a cost-effective organization for former employers.

His success keywords can be summarized in the following: clarity and presence in the leadership, focus on development and customers, and a long-term approach in strategies and goals. Everything with a structured way of working and with a calm in the middle of everything.

Mikael Olofsson says: “I really look forward to starting my employment at Simson Power Tools AB, this highly reputable company with premium products. For Simson, it will be another step in the goal to build an even more recognized brand name and to reach the world with our products, and it feels incredibly exciting and inspiring to lead our team on that journey.”

Mikael Olofsson has been employed at Atlings Maskinfabrik AB between 1997 and 2018 as Production Engineer, Quality Manager, then as Technical Manager / Quality Manager and for the last 12 years as CEO.

Since June 1, 2019, Mikael Olofson is the CEO of Simson Power Tools AB. Very welcome!